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Mutual trust, respect and a "click" are key to us working together.

Discretion is a promise - one of many reasons why my clients refer people to me.

"Iris has a gift of reaching our deeper selves. Her method is surprising.

However, given recent learning on neuroscience and how the brain actually works, one can appreciate why this transformative approach is so impactful.

Using her skills and empathy, Iris helps lower rationalisations and intellectual barriers to identify and reach those emotional triggers that mark or impair us. Often, they are ones we don’t associate to the feeling until we go through the process.

She's helped me with a big life change, applying for leadership roles, and braving a new path in an uncertain time.

Even after working with Iris for a couple of months, I’d catch myself carrying on ahead of something and thinking: I don’t need a coaching session, ‘I’m good’. Then I’d think again and schedule one because working with Iris makes me ‘great’."

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France and Canada

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About Profilingvalues:
"I had the opportunity to use the profilingvalues tool in support of a coaching process. I was tremendously surprised how accurate the report helped to identify areas of where I have potential to grow, and thus it provided excellent support for my further learning experience. I can clearly recommend profilingvalues as it helps to generate a holistic picture of your “can’s” and “want’s”! I highly appreciated the discussion of the results with the expert Iris Patricia Furer as it provided some further insights."

Felix, Germany, Pharmaceutical Industry

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"The Profilingvalues analysis at the beginning of the coaching reinforced my self-confidence and gave me new hope that I can succeed even if it is a difficult period in my life."


K. D., Projectmanager, France

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I highly recommend Iris as a coach. Key benefits I have experienced are:

  • Working through barriers that have built up over time and in a period of transition have needed to be addressed both personally and professionally
  • Feeling stronger and re-empowered to take new steps personally and professionally
  • Inspired to look at my professional life differently and relieved to be honest about it being a new phase.


The key is to be open and ready for the approach. If you are looking for a more traditional life coach to help you further then perhaps Iris is not what you are looking for. If you are seeking to grow, learn more about yourself and opportunities and transform your path then Iris is a perfect match!

[... read full testimonial here...]

A.H., International Connector and Multicultural Expert, Europe/USA/Asia

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"All sustainable success is built on personal performance.

I have got to know Iris as the catalyst to help me build this sound and stable basis for performing at my personal best, and in line with my best self.

Her unique talent in helping people dig as deep as needed into any issues or perceived barriers, and resurface same yet different, at the “next level”, helping people to access, unfold and live their personal potential is something that I greatly appreciate and admire."


Petra S., Head of Global Marketing, Switzerland

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"[...] How does she help me and others?

Iris Patricia Furer has an extraordinary gift and talent which she brings to the table during her transformational coaching work. What specifically attracted me when we first met was what I would describe as her “Global Citizen” attitude.

She looks beyond borders, barriers and limitations, inside and outside of people. This adds a lot of value to people’s wellbeing and to their own personal contribution in this world. Her unique in-depth way of coaching, the variety of tools she has at hand and her explorative questioning may be challenging at times – for me it certainly was. However, it has always been rewarding.

Her coaching style is discrete, respectful, compassionate and in a weird way fun, too."

[... read full testimonial here...]

EdK - Independent Entrepreneur & Talent Scout, The Netherlands

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"Iris Patricia Furer has a sensitive, respectful and appreciative way to guide through the depths of the soul and so I could face my fears and insecurities,

and I felt after each session to have been rewarded for my future life and bit by bit I came to myself and my true identity."


S. F., HR-Specialist, Switzerland 

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"Iris Patricia Furer is a woman who has a rare combination of deep empathy and high level technical skills.

She works with her clients to produce genuine and lasting life transformation, on both personal and professional levels.

Her big-hearted, no-nonsense approach is ideal for anyone serious about turning their lives around and moving forward with passion, purpose and fulfilment.

I highly recommend her as a Life Transformation Coach."


Kevin Billett - Bestselling author, Light in the Heart of Darkness 
The surprising Truth About Depression and How to Free yourself Completely from its Grips.


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