Working together

Working together

No matter what situation you find yourself in, making time and having time for this transformation process is crucial.
A personal coaching should lead to less stress and more quality time.

We aim at figuring out a coaching plan together that suits you best. Tailor made to fit with your personal needs, responsibilities, engagement and time schedule in the office and at home. And I am willing to travel - fly me in if necessary and appropriate.

Complementary Clarity Call

Do you want to find out more? Book a Complementary Clarity Call with me or write me a message.

Your intentions and goals - your choice

Given your intentions, your goals and personal situation, you may want to choose to start with a specific coaching commitment and if needed we change and adapt it.

Happy to assist you in your choice. There are the following options:

Reveal, Release & Grow
Intensive 3 months in depth and tailor made program that will evoke a substantial personal and positive shift and make a noticable difference about your perception of life and your choices.

Focus, Align & Transform
Benefit from up to 12 months of fundamental transformation. Dealing with depression and burnout and to heal from it is not a quick fix. You will undergo a fundamental change of self-awareness and how you choose to go through life in a more healthy way. It is about taking full responsability for your own life and commitments you make. It needs courage to face past pain, blame and shame. And it is so deeply rewarding, liberating and life changing.

Good and important to know:

There is Profilingvalues inside

We use a diagnostic tool called Profilingvalues to start your transformational coaching. 

You learn a lot about yourself and the current situation you find yourself in. You become aware of potentials that are wide awake or somehow seem dormant, and you get confirmation about your current abilities and how much you actually bring them in and use them. You learn about possible blind spots and possible life challenges you are facing. It is a great starting point to check with your goals and adapt them where necessary based on the profilingvalues analysis and our conversation. 

Experience shows

that a certain regularity and succession in the coaching course builds upon the momentum of the first sessions:

  • You and your visceral system get to experience the benefit of the changes of the New Me, natural resistance starts fading and you relax more. So a positive benefit spiral starts spinning, which helps to improve your energy level and it re-establishes trust in your body and yourself.
    This is very much needed when wanting to come out of a Burnout and Depression state.

  • It deepens and accelerates positive change and impact. In other words, there is overall more momentum in your transformation process. It leads to structural results with respect to better resilience, physically and emotionally, which impacts your performance as a leader.

  • It also can enhance further solutions, or bring up new ideas and opportunities that weren't obvious before, and it leads to even better relationsships, with yourself and others.

Local and Global

We will work 1:1 together, either face-to-face in my office, at your premises (willing to travel, fly me in) or via telephone, Skype, Zoom or similar webservices.

I am Swiss and married with a Dutchman, living in the Netherlands. I work across Europe and globally. My languages are: English, German, Swiss German, French and Dutch.


3 months Intensive Coaching

Reveal, Release & Grow

Fundamental Transformation

Focus, Align & Transform

Profilingvalues is part of your Transformational Coaching

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