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Profilingvalues is a potent diagnostic-tool, that is used in various fields, such as coaching, assessments, carreer planning, personal development, etc.. It highly contributes to sustaining and improving the performance and motivation of leaders, employees, teams and the entire company.

It helps reduce costs through a precise evaluation which will help to allocate ressources accordingly.

We use Profilingvalues in Your Transformational Coaching:

You learn a lot about yourself and the current situation you find yourself in. You become aware of potentials that are wide awake or somehow seem dormant, and you get confirmation about your current abilities and how much you actually bring them in and use them. You learn about possible blind spots and possible life challenges you are facing.  

A Profilingvalues analysis

fundamentally evaluates your leadership potential, as well as your personal development and growth potential, to help you move on or make conscious choices with clarity, focus and strength.

  • Instead of measuring on the behavioural level, the "inner values" of a human being are measured. So the results are significantly more relevant, reliable and accurate for personal and leadership development purposes.
  • It is based on a 20-minutes online-query. A simple and straight forward ranking of items
  • Your personalized report makes your strengths and potentials on an intrinsic, extrinsic and systemic level visible and tangible. It indicates where your knowledge, leadership and talents would best be useful, where you can relax (as it is already excellent) and where your focus would be favourable (empower your potential).

It is available in the languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Tschech and Russian.

Clients feedback

One client realised that he definitely could stop being his own “slave driver” for perfectionism!

Another client experienced bigger self-confidence after the Profilingvalues analysis. Learning what she learned about herself empowered and supported her during the stressful and uncertain times she had to go through.

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