This is a playful way to knock at your door for fresh awareness. It's meant as a stimulus, a kind of self-enquiry to check in with you how you are doing, where you stand in life, and where your journey might be heading.  

Awareness Building - Leap in Consciousness

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Unfinished Symphony (4)
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Leap in Consciousness

In German there is a saying: “erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen” which translates into something like: “work comes first before pleasure”.

Maybe you can relate to this: as a small child I was told to have a rest – even though I didn’t feel like it nor did I want to. As I grew older, I was told to finish my homework and chores first, and then I can rest (e.g. read my book). So, later in my international project and management job there was literally work around the clock, and I was fully engaged and immersed. And over time stressful and exhausting experiences forced me to unlearn and transform what I had been taught. Instead, I learned to take care of myself, to listen to my needs, to make conscious choices to keep my body, mind and soul healthy and happy.
I am worthy a rest, independent from how much I have done, performed or accomplished beforehand. It results in: more inspiration, more creativity and more momentum. And it evokes more self-respect, self-love and joy.

What would you want to unlearn and transform in your life? Let’s connect, and do the magic together.

August  2020

Over the many years working with clients, and through my own continuous personal growth process I realised this:

There is this inner voice, we all have it. It is not silenced by circumstances nor do others drown it out. We ignore it or shut it down with our own anxiety and fear of what others might think, and what might happen when we listen to it and follow our inner voice. We fear the consequences, and the emotions involved.

There is ways to create more space for your intuition. All you need is willingness and commitment to face what stands in its way.

August  2020

"What we resist, persists" they say.

And the opposite is true, too! In the very moment where we absolutely accept, what is right here and right now, whether we like it or not, our inner resistance dissolves, and a way forward opens up. Transformation happens.

It is that simple :-).

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July 2020

Sometimes we get mentally and emotionally stuck in what happened to us in the course of our lives. What lies in the past cannot be changed.

However, what we can change is our perception, our beliefs and how we feel about it. That is our choice and personal freedom.


Do you need support for a fresh start in life?

Let's explore the options together :-).

July 2020

In challenging times we tend to look for change outside ourselves, first. We might also blame people, circumstances and ourselves.

Does it help? Not really, it keeps us in a victim mood and mode. And it is not effective either, it costs us energy and time for solutions.


The first step is to become aware and acknowledge how we feel and behave. The next step is to take the decision to want to change it. Then roll up your sleeves and dive in.

The most important change for lasting impact starts within you.


Let's talk about how I can support your transformational journey.

June 2020

May 2020

A strong grounded Self burns

cabin fever into nothingness

May 2020




May 2020

    "Faster, higher and further" has become exhausting and comes with a high cost for our health and wellbeing.
    A digital and diverse VUCA world asks for your flexibility, clarity and depth. It is time for your leap in consciousness.

    Are you ready?
    Let's explore the options.

    May 2020

    • Have you had a strong emotional reaction lately to how life showed up around you?
    • Do you find yourself in similar situations, and you notice a behaviour that you don’t like?
    • Is there something or somebody in your life that keeps pushing your buttons?

    There is a chance that you have an unfinished symphony within yourself. It is about an event or a painful experience from the past or recent past that is not completely healed and let go of.

    And it is our individual perception on life that determines whether we are able to forgive, heal and move on freely. Or whether we continue to suffer, blame, feel victimized and defend our old story of pain, unfairness, failure, etc..

    We are at choice. Always. We can stop any story, and turn our attitude around by changing our perception and making conscious choices and healthy commitments, anew. We can end any unfinished symphony, take the learnings and move on in freedom.

    What do you choose? Would you like to be the best version of yourself, as leader and changemaker?

    Let’s talk about how this would look like for you. Looking forward to you!

    May 2020

    Strong through the crisis - what do you choose?

    To wait till the crisis is over, and wiggle your way through it?

    Or do you choose to face what has been knocking at your door for a while, clear it out mentally and emotionally, and move forward with clarity, lightness and focus?

    April 2020

    Do you need somebody of trust in your corner to support you through the crisis?

    Do you want to grow & thrive instead of survive?

    So take action!

    • You will gain clarity, lightness and energy through emotional in-depth clearing work.
    • You will build up resilience to do what needs to be done.
    • You will stay present and open to what more life brings along, and make the best out of it, for the highest good of all.

    Change your perception about your present and future by taking action now. Turn crisis into opportunity!

    April 2020

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