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Here some feedback from people who use the Micro Meditation:

"Iris is a very kind and supportive person; she impacts many professionals through her work, allowing them to flourish to the best of their ability. I recently tried out her micro-meditation, and found it impactful. It mentioned acknowledging pain and forgiving yourself, whether or not the pain is self-directed. Her expertise enables individuals to take ownership of their reactions to life and their decision to heal. I highly recommend Iris Patricia Furer as your growth consultant, if you seek a path towards both professional and personal growth." - E.E., Turkey

"When my head is full with all the “Must-do’s-today” and I feel this heaviness on my chest, I grab this audio to calm down. I honestly feel it prevents me from growing a headache and getting overwhelmed by everything that’s on my plate. It’s amazing how 3 minutes of Iris’ energy can heal you instantly. And to me it’s a lot more efficient than going for a half hour stroll outside. Highly recommend it to somewhat stressed-out high-performers." - Sandra Fisser, Netherlands