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Profilingvalues inside

Profilingvalues provides you with clarity on where you are with your abilities, your potential, and your awareness. It will deliver valuable input for your personal and professional path and creates an effective basis and focus for your transformational coaching with me.

Here's what clients say:

"I had the opportunity to use the profilingvalues tool in support of a coaching process.

I was tremendously surprised how accurate the report helped to identify areas of where I have potential to grow, and thus it provided excellent support for my further learning experience. I can clearly recommend profilingvalues as it helps to generate a holistic picture of your “can’s” and “want’s”! I highly appreciated the discussion of the results with the expert Iris Patricia Furer as it provided some further insights."

Felix, Germany (Pharmaceutical Industry)

"The Profilingvalues analysis at the beginning of the coaching reinforced my self-confidence and gave me new hope that I can succeed even if it is a difficult period in my life."


K. D., Projectmanager, France

Profilingvalues Basic Report 

This report evaluates your personal development and growth potential, and it indicates your leadership qualities and potential. It assesses your status quo to change, improve and make conscious choices for your personal growth and your professional development, for a new job, change of career, etc..

You learn a lot about yourself and the current situation you find yourself in. You become aware of potential that is wide awake or somehow seems dormant, and you acknowledge your current abilities, and recognize how much you actually apply them. You learn about possible blind spots, and get some other great insights.

LER - Leadership Excellence Report 

This is a special reporting format for leaders, and leaders to be to assess their abilities and grow potential as a leader. It shows how strongly pronounced the characteristics currently are (in you), which define an excellent leader.
The basis for this embodies the decisive Tasks, Tools, and Principles of an effective leader based on Leading Simple®. It provides an overview of the current state of development of essential leadership skills. In addition to the standard self-image and perception of others, it provides additional impulses and makes leadership responsibility transparent.

Good to know:

Instead of measuring on your behavioural level, the "inner values" of you as a human being are measured. So the results are significantly more relevant, reliable and accurate for your personal, professional and leadership development purposes.

It is based on a 20-minutes online-query. A simple and straight forward ranking of items. It is available in English, German, French, and more.

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