What clients experience:

A.H., International Connector and Multicultural Expert, Europe/USA/Asia:

"I am privileged to be working with Iris as a coach in a time in my life and career transitioning from being an executive with a long career path to building my new priorities.

The profilingvalues analysis was very insightful and along with other elements of getting to know Iris was a trigger for me to decide to work with her. I was not looking for a coach, but it just felt right because of Iris' approach and our connection.

The intense 3 month period was inspiring and made a huge difference in my thinking about the future. It also has helped me unleash barriers to my thoughts about changing how I want to work and what will be best for me. I have been inspired through our work together to take steps towards my building process that I did not have the confidence to do before. This is a huge contribution in 3 months.

Before the coaching, I was feeling burned out, had low energy and felt like I was running in circles trying to figure things out not knowing what I really wanted to do next.

After the coaching, I have more clarity about what I want to do, and am inspired to do this next phase as the new me.


Her structure, flow, in-person and online is so supportive, it has changed my outlook and helped me to focus on what I am trying to build. I am now continuing to work with Iris in a less intense way because I deeply value what she brings to me, and I see the major difference in my motivation to get to return to work in a new way.

The new energy that has come my way through the coaching has resonated with others around me and brought people to me who are opening new doors.


I highly recommend Iris as a coach. Key benefits I have experienced are:

  • Working through barriers that have built up over time and in a period of transition have needed to be addressed both personally and professionally
  • Feeling stronger and re-empowered to take new steps personally and professionally
  • Inspired to look at my professional life differently and relieved to be honest about it being a new phase

The key is to be open and ready for the approach. If you are looking for a more traditional life coach to help you further then perhaps Iris is not what you are looking for. If you are seeking to grow, learn more about yourself and opportunities and transform your path then Iris is a perfect match!"