What clients experience:

EdK – Independent Entrepreneur & Talent Scout, the Netherlands:

"My results from working with Iris Patricia Furer?

It all boils down to three keywords: Balance, Energy & Action/Reaction. The good news is – all of this now comes much more from within me.

There is definitely more Balance in my life with regards to the giving and receiving energy from other people. Also, I can see a far healthier Reaction/Action in my relationships with other people and more awareness of my own pitfalls. Nowadays, I choose to “say no” in a healthier way. Obviously, this empowers more “yes towards me” and to my own needs from other people. I am also more at peace with my past. My view on life has changed in such a way, that I am more aware of how my life is “coloured” by my reactions. I am also more aware of the choices which I have. This has positive impact on my wellbeing, my experiences, my health and self-worth. And of course, on those around me, professionally and privately.

How does she help me and others?

Iris Patricia Furer has an extraordinary gift and talent which she brings to the table during her transformational coaching work. What specifically attracted me when we first met was what I would describe as her “Global Citizen” attitude. She looks beyond borders, barriers and limitations, inside and outside of people. This adds a lot of value to people’s wellbeing and to their own personal contribution in this world. Her unique in-depth way of coaching, the variety of tools she has at hand and her explorative questioning may be challenging at times – for me it certainly was. However, it has always been rewarding.

Her coaching style is discrete, respectful, compassionate and in a weird way fun, too.

Together we have gone to the edge of the abyss and then we jumped into the unknown, where I did find a lot of old clutter as well as immense treasures.

We have cleared much of the rubbish of my past and we have unearthed the treasures which I was not aware of. All of this is “magic & logic in action”. It made me feel lighter, freer and my perspective on life has changed: from now on solutions become possible which were not visible or tangible before.

Issues with others and myself start to dissolve, and I can feel the healing happening.

I am becoming a better version of myself day by day."