What clients experience:

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France and Canada

"Iris has a gift of reaching our deeper selves. Her method is surprising.

However, given recent learning on neuroscience and how the brain actually works, one can appreciate why this transformative approach is so impactful.

Using her skills and empathy, Iris helps lower rationalisations and intellectual barriers to identify and reach those emotional triggers that mark or impair us. Often, they are ones we don’t associate to the feeling until we go through the process.

She's helped me with a big life change, applying for leadership roles, and braving a new path in an uncertain time.

Even after working with Iris for a couple of months, I’d catch myself carrying on ahead of something and thinking: I don’t need a coaching session, ‘I’m good’.

Then I’d think again and schedule one because working with Iris makes me ‘great’."