Love Live Lead

Rediscover your passion,

align your being with your values

and have your vision & dreams become reality.


Love. Live. Lead.

  • love what you do, be free from emotional burdens, feel energized and fulfilled while you assume all your responsibilities, empower yourself and people, delegate and take decisions along the way?
  • live wholehartedly & happy and experience the inspirational power you radiate when your walk and talk are in alignment?
  • lead from a place of truth and mindfulness and have quality time for yourself and your loved ones, even as a busy and engaged leader?


Emotional self-awareness and transformational self-realisation are key for doing what you love, to live a purposeful life and to lead from within an authentic and conscious place. You can effectively lead others, when you are truly in alignment with yourself!


My proven "Inside-Out" approach supports you to get in alignment with your own natural, unique self. To love, live and lead successfully from insideout has significant impact: on yourself, your results and performance, as well as on others, at work and at home.


"So many musts & shoulds. Joy and passion seem gone!"


"Enough of feeling so stressed, depressed or burned-out!"


"I choose to fully live and lead from truth and walk my talk!"

Change inside - works outside


I'm compassionate about people and what they go through in life. I do care about you and your issues to be cleared and resolved, in a very respectful, discrete and understanding way.


Working as a Transformation Specialist and Conscious Coach (Confidante) for over a decade I have accumulated a deep understanding of human ego patterns and gained vast experience in the natural handling of emotions and feelings, to help release emotional blockages, change hindering behaviours and transform misinterpretations (or illusions) about ourselves, at the core of the root cause. I call it the "Inside-Out" approach.


Once an issue is cleared at its core, this will, almost naturally, lead to a healthier behaviour, to a more beneficial perception of situations which will bring forth solutions that seemed impossible before. You become aligned within yourself. Peace, joy and energy and more becomes available.


I, and also my clients, have learned to appreciate the potent diagnostic-tool, Profilingvalues, and the powerful and liberating teachings of the Enneagram, with focus on conscious leadership and personal growth.


These and other impactful tools I use in a beneficial, wholesome and unique way for your highest and best wellbeing. Clients experience profound, deeply clarifying and liberating healing processes, that lead to a fundamental personal and professional transformation.



"All sustainable success is built on personal performance. I have got to know Iris as the catalyst to help me build this sound and stable basis for performing at my personal best, and in line with my best self. Her unique talent in helping people dig as deep as needed into any issues or perceived barriers, and resurface same yet different, at the “next level”, helping people to access, unfold and live their personal potential is something that I greatly appreciate and admire."


Petra S., Head of Global Marketing


"The Profilingvalues analysis at the beginning of the coaching reinforced my self-confidence and gave me new hope that I can succeed even if it is a difficult period in my life."


K. D., Projectmanager


"Iris Patricia Furer has a sensitive, respectful and appreciative way to guide through the depths of the soul and so I could face my fears and insecurities, and I felt after each session to have been rewarded for my future life and bit by bit I came to myself and my true identity."


S. F., HR-Specialist

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