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Going through a rough transition in life can make you feel stuck, disconnected or overwhelmed. It is like paddeling upstream  with a lot of efforting instead of being in the flow and enjoy what is coming your way. So, let's get in touch!

I support C-level executives and entrepreneurs to fundamentally transform from feeling off, down or exhausted to feeling aligned, energized and focused, with positive impact, inside and outside.

Emotionally stuck or in uproar? Mind running in circles?

Hi, my name is Iris Patricia Furer and I work as a transformational coach, both on appointment basis and in flexible standby mode. 

Whatever transition you are facing, my INSIDEOUT coaching assists you to transform from a stressful, overwhelming and frustrating experience towards feeling energized, connected and aligned in your heart, mind and soul. For fresh clarity and focus with effective impact, making you feel good about yourself, and life.

Benefit from Triple A - INSIDEOUT Approach

My Triple A INSIDEOUT Approach helps you through any rough transition or upcoming phase of life in a profoundly healing and empowering way. Transform for the better the way of how you think and feel about yourself, and others, and learn to respond emotionally healthy to life's come and go. 

We will address the root causes of negative perceptions, hindering attitudes and painful experiences. You will make peace with the past. You will take the lessons learned and the gifts it brought. And you will move on on your new journey feeling liberated, content and energized. 

Are you ready to change your current experience of the transition you go through into one with more energy, clarity and focus?

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You lead a life that you love and perpetually and consciously co-create.

Emotional self-awareness and transformational self-realisation is awakened. It saves you time, energy and money.

Your consciously chosen mindset sustains the continuous growth and development of your being & wellbeing. It creates effectiveness with impact, also on your performance.

All is key for a healthy, purposeful and authentic life and leadership. 

Result of working with me: a happy and fulfilled you!

A client's experience

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France and Canada, shares:

"Iris has a gift of reaching our deeper selves. Her method is surprising. However, given recent learning on neuroscience and how the brain actually works, one can appreciate why this transformative approach is so impactful.

She's helped me with a big life change, applying for leadership roles, and braving a new path in an uncertain time."

What are you waiting for?

If you do what you did, you will get what you got.

What kind of beliefs drive your actions? Are you fully aware of your mindset and inner self-talk? Read on here

And who is it that you have become? Do you like it?

Your emotional state of being is very important. It is key for your healthy response towards life, how you do what you do, and in what way you engage with other people. Read on here

Start feeling better today!

I am very happy to explore the options with you and I am very much looking forward to meeting you! 

Iris Patricia Furer
Transformation Coach

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