Stuck? Discouraged? Overwhelmed? Demoralized?

Your INSIDEOUT Coaching helps you face and win your day with ease and joy!

INSIDEOUT Coaching Furer led by Iris Patricia Furer is a boutique coaching company for female C-level executives in business and organisations to help fundamentally transform from Unconscious Surviving to Mindful Thriving in an authentic, effective and impactful way.

Do you recognize any of this?

As a female C-level executive you are in an exposed position. A lot of eyes are on you, your decisions and actions. You carry a lot of responsibility, and it can feel lonely at the top. You are passionate about what you do, and the difference you can make in peoples' lives, and in the world around you. You have come a long way.

For you, there is little work-life balance. Your private and professional lives are intertwined. And here we are, in this connected world that is more and more digital, disruptive and volatile. Life is increasingly uncertain, complex, ambiguous and diverse. It shouts for New Leadership. And what does this mean for you as a leader, and human being?

You try to make sense of it, you want to stay in control of others & yourself. You have to deal with resistance, expectations and disappointments, secret anxieties and fears, stuckness and failure, grief and shame. There is envy and tough competition around you. Honestly, "fake it 'til you make it" isn't your thing, and yet you are pulled into this stream. Your stress level is constantly high, you find yourself fighting off agressive or depressive moods. You ignore the signs of possible burn-out because there is always more to do, and people to care for.

Unconsciously, it sneaked up on you. It has become the new norm to ignore what's bothering you deep down, to suppress what you really feel, and go through life this way. You are tough, you can do this: career, family, and all. And the price you pay is high.

Intuitively you know there is something out of balance and not in flow. You don't recognize yourself, and that worries you. And there are reasons why you still hold back to seek help. Maybe you cannot put into words what it is that you need. So let me help you find out - book your Free Clarity Call with me.

Instead of feeling stressed, struggle and suffer, start to thrive. My Triple A - INSIDEOUT Approach will help you recognize and acknowledge what holds you back, and empower you to let go of what no longer serves you. You will speak your truth, love who you are, and how you feel, and pursue what your heart & soul really long for. 

Hand over heart, I really care, and I would love to help you.

Lead from the Heart - Change from the Soul

You make bigger steps in less time, with more positive impact on a personal and professional level.

Your natural resilience, agility and joy in life improve. You recognize and accept life's lessons.

You take the learnings, you forgive and move on with focus and clarity.

Feeling liberated, empowered and happy with yourself. 

Clients experiences

I highly recommend Iris as a coach. Key benefits I have experienced are:

  • Working through barriers that have built up over time and in a period of transition have needed to be addressed both personally and professionally
  • Feeling stronger and re-empowered to take new steps personally and professionally
  • Inspired to look at my professional life differently and relieved to be honest about it being a new phase. [read on]

A.H., International Connector and Multicultural Expert, Europe/USA/Asia

"Iris has a gift of reaching our deeper selves. Her method is surprising.

However, given recent learning on neuroscience and how the brain actually works, one can appreciate why this transformative approach is so impactful...[read on]

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France and Canada

"All sustainable success is built on personal performance.

I have got to know Iris as the catalyst to help me build this sound and stable basis for performing at my personal best, and in line with my best self.

Her unique talent in helping people dig as deep as needed into any issues or perceived barriers, and resurface same yet different, at the “next level”, helping people to access, unfold and live their personal potential is something that I greatly appreciate and admire."


Petra S., Head of Global Marketing, Switzerland

"[...] Iris Patricia Furer has an extraordinary gift and talent which she brings to the table during her transformational coaching work.

What specifically attracted me when we first met was what I would describe as her “Global Citizen” attitude. She looks beyond borders, barriers and limitations, inside and outside of people. This adds a lot of value to people’s wellbeing and to their own personal contribution in this world. [...]

Her coaching style is discrete, respectful, compassionate and in a weird way fun, too."  [read on]

EdK - Independent Entrepreneur & Talent Scout, The Netherlands

"Iris gives clear guidance in the process. This allowed me to look at my challenges from another angle, she guided me to another perspective, another state of mind even, in which personal barriers can be overcome. The session with Iris helped me to get to the insight what my family's problems were, and which were mine, that they have their own way to walk, and I have mine. In this ‘unblocked space’ all kinds of possibilities reveal themselves because I am free! My inner qualities emerge because nothing blocks it except my thoughts of disbelief that the abundance can be so great. Getting rid of burdens that aren't mine has so much to do with that. It is now so easy for me to gently push the pile of other people's problems back to where they belong. I have learned that this can be done lovingly, with respect.”


Lydia, Director Business development Solar, France

Mutual trust, respect and a "click" are key to us working together. 

Discretion is a promise - one of many reasons why my clients refer people to me. For more testimonials, please click here. 

My Triple A - INSIDEOUT Approach for you

get clarity & focus

design your reality

walk your talk

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Together we go beyond using traditional coaching methods. And where most coaches would stop, our mission together continues: at the emotional level.

Are you ready to be the captain of your destiny?

What are you waiting for?

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France and Canada, says:

She's helped me with a big life change, applying for leadership roles, and braving a new path in an uncertain time.

Even after working with Iris for a couple of months, I’d catch myself carrying on ahead of something and thinking: I don’t need a coaching session, ‘I’m good’.

Then I’d think again and schedule one because working with Iris makes me ‘great’."

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