Let me ask you the right questions so
you can kick off the change you are looking for!

Are you going through a rough transition in your life feeling stuck,  disappointed or overwhelmed? 

I am working with C-level executives and entrepreneurs to fundamentally transform f
rom unconscious surviving to conscious thriving with sustainable, positive impact and overall well-being.

Transform yourself, and the world around you transforms, too!

Hi, my name is Iris Patricia Furer and I work as a transformational coach, both on appointment basis and in flexible standby mode. Whatever serves you best.

I take you on a transformational journey to change your stressful and frustrating experience into feeling energized, centred and aligned with Heart, Mind and Gut. To live as your authentic, true and connected self, to be in a flow. To walk your talk with ease and meaningfulness. And to live life with openness, presence and agility.

Who is it that
you have become while you have been so busy?
David Whyte, poet

Are you professionally engaging in what makes your heart sing? Yes/No

Are you eager to start your day because you are passionate about what you do? Yes/No

Are you feeling good about yourself, who you are and who you have become? Yes/No
If you have three yes's then I congratulate you! How wonderful that you feel good about yourself and live a life you love!

And if something is holding you back, or you go through a rough period in your life, and you don't know where to start to improve things, let's have a clarity call. Your emotional state of being is very important. It is key for your healthy response to life, how you show up, face what is, do what you do, and how you engage with other people. 

Perhaps you are confronted with inner and outer resistance, expectations and disappointments, secret anxieties or even fear of failure. Your stress level is constantly high, you find yourself fighting agressive or depressive moods. You ignore the signs of possible burn-out because there is always more to do, and people to care for. And at times you feel exhausted, empty and alone. It might feel like a never-ending story in emotional survival mode.

Know, you are not alone. And there is help. I walk along side you and support you to transform this emotional state. You can experience emotional well-being, even in stressful and demanding times. The key is how you deal with any emotion and how you perceive and welcome the paradox of life. You are at choice to feel free, joyful and energized, instead of low, overwhelmed and disconnected.

What do you choose? 

If you do what you did, you will get what you got

What kind of beliefs drive your actions? Are you fully aware of your mindset?

If you long for lasting change of your current situation, and you want to experience overall well-being, "you won't get there with what you got here".

We have billions of thoughts a day, more than 95% of them are repetitive thoughts, so the same thoughts, again and again. Repetitive thoughts turn into habitual responses which create behavioural patterns and an emotional state over time.

Unconscious and limiting beliefs and our inability to emotionally respond in a healthy way to what is happening around us shape our identities in a negative way. 

All of this impacts deeply on how you feel about yourself, how you live your life, and the choices you make. It influences your physical health, and further conclusions that you have about others, and life in general.

Are you ready for a deep dive and complete overhaul of your conscious, and unconscious, mindset and choose what serves you better? Let's start!

My Triple A - INSIDEOUT Approach

Benefit from my Triple A INSIDEOUT Approach and integrate valuable tools along the way to support your mental health which embraces your emotional, psychological, and social well-being, the way of how you think, feel, and act. It will serve you for life.

You will make amends with the past, forgive who and what needs forgiveness, take the lessons learned, the gifts and the blessings it brought, and move on, feeling liberated and energized. 

Together, we explore your Heart (emotions, values), your Mindset (beliefs) and your Hand (behavior, action taking) and bring them into alignment. Your mental and emotional agility will get back into flow, expand and serve you, and your physical health, in an organic, natural and beneficial way.

Are you ready for a more vibrant and happy version of yourself? Click here, and let's explore the options.

You lead, live and love a life that you perpetually co-create. Awakened emotional self-awareness, transformational self-realisation and a consciously chosen mindset sustain the continuous growth and development of your being & wellbeing. They are key for authentic, healthy and mindful leadership. 

Your benefits of working with me

You will learn different tools that will expand your toolbox on how to support yourself best in challenging situations, especially emotionally and with the right mindset and clear intention setting.

  • Depressed feelings and stress give way to emotional balance, openness & overall wellbeing
  • More energy becomes available, you feel relaxed & centered
  • Inner clarity evokes conscious decision taking and appropriate delegating
  • Conscious, truthful communication happens - you walk your talk
  • Negative selftalk & labelling fall away - you feel good and happy about yourself
  • Interactions with employees, collegues and family improve
  • Naturally, you become more effective, efficient and more open, flexible and resilient towards change and unpredictible situations.
  • You live life to the fullest - your awareness of life, the acceptance of what is and what can be changed, will make a big difference!

A client's experience

Elizabeth, Policy and Public Affairs Executive, France and Canada, shares:

She's (Iris) helped me with a big life change, applying for leadership roles, and braving a new path in an uncertain time.

Even after working with Iris for a couple of months, I’d catch myself carrying on ahead of something and thinking: I don’t need a coaching session, ‘I’m good’. Then I’d think again and schedule one because working with Iris makes me ‘great’."

I am very happy to explore together with you the options of this fundamental Transformational Coaching with me. Book your free Clarity Call, here.