Iris Patricia Furer


Qualified. Experienced. Effective. 

"You are a real "Menschenfreund" (someone who loves people). It is so obvious that you care and strive for the best possible outcome."
This is what one of the assessors said to me after my successful certification as a systemic coach. This touched me deeply. It was spot on. 

Yes, I feel called to support people transform in a way that they can be, live and share their very best self with the world. That they can fully enjoy who they are and contribute in their unique way: as a leader, a partner, a parent, a family member, a friend, a human being. 

Working with highly educated and well trained people from various industries, with different life stories, experiences, and walks of life, is my passion. To witness my clients grow and thrive at work, and in life, inspires me to continually tailor, evolve, and grow my work as a transformational coach. One of many reasons why clients refer new people to me.

Truth, love, clarity, freedom, and transformation are the core values in life that also underline my INSIDEOUT coaching that I started more than 15 years ago. My coaching practice is based on the GCE (Global Code of Ethics) and my attitude is to meet you heart to heart, eye to eye, with the intention to work towards the best possible outcome in every moment. 

I work across Europe and globally, in person or via Zoom. My languages are: English, German, Swiss German, Dutch and French.

Professional background in a nutshell:
After finishing commercial school, I went to live abroad in London to improve the English language before I looked for my first job. Between 1987 - 2005 I worked in different areas and industries: banking/finance, in market research for IT/telecom, banking and health care. After four years I went for a three year full time study for Business Economist and had in-between jobs in the manufacturing and retail trade. I worked for half a year in Brussels as an intern before I started my career in market research in Switzerland. The variety of work and management experiences, including the leadership position in market research as vice director have been of great value to me, and for my INSIDEOUT Coaching. I can understand and relate to business concerns and their impact on people on different company levels including those relating to leadership, and challenges at C-level.


Certified systemic coach, business coach & business trainer dvct; accr. Journey Transformation Life Coach; Coach for Conscious Leadership, Stress, Depression, Burnout; Master licence as Value Based Profiler in profilingvalues; Basic study in Psychology for vocational and career counseling; Business Economist FH; Trainer for Behavioral training, business constellation, facilitation of workshops / conflicts, change management; CAS in Corporate Health Management.

What else?
I was born and raised in Switzerland (German speaking part with French influence), I am married to my Dutch husband, and we have been living together in the Netherlands since 2015. Global business activities take us traveling around the world now and then, meeting with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
It teaches me a lot about culture diversity, local and national challenges, creative solution finding, and inclusion. And, I am also a blessed bonus-mom of grown-up children and the "nani" of three grandchildren :-).