Iris Patricia Furer


Qualified. Experienced. Effective. 

I care for people and their positive impact on all levels. And I am a lover of truth and clarity. Authentic leadership, the emotional and physical wellbeing of people, their resilience and health at work is as important to me as the improvement of their relational challenges. 


I've seen, experienced and learned a lot while working in the banking, finance, IT, Telecom, health care, manufacturing and retail trade. Those many years of management experience, also in leadership positions have been of great value to me, and for my INSIDEOUT Coaching. This helps me understand and relate to business concerns and their impact on people on different company levels including leadership.

I work across Europe and globally, in person or via Zoom.

My languages are: English, German, Swiss German, Dutch and French.

Married to my amazing husband and living in the Netherlands (I am Swiss), teaches me a lot about culture diversity and inclusion. And I find a lot of inspiration in my work with my clients, reading, satsang ("sit in the presence of truth"), enjoying the power of crystals and traveling around the world for business with my husband, meeting new people and new cultures. A welcome source of very valuable learnings, teachings and revelations, that flow into my coaching sessions with you.


Certified sytemic coach & business trainer dvct; accr. Journey Transformation Life Coach; Coach for Stress, Depression, Burnout; Master licence in profilingvalues/LER Leadership Excellence Report; Basic study in Psychology for vocational and career counseling, Business Economist; Trainer for Behavioural training, business constellation, facilitation of workshops / conflicts, change management; CAS in Corporate Health Management